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Train with Emily:

Trauma-Informed Yoga | Somatic Healing | First Responders


Over the past decade I have developed a unique skillset and expertise in trauma-informed yoga and trauma recovery through somatic tools. I co-founded one of the first non-profits in the United States that offers trauma-informed yoga programs and trainings, and have designed curricula and offered trainings for a variety of academic institutions, social service agencies, yoga studios and non-profits since 2013.


I currently offer the following trainings, which can be adapted to an online format:


For Yoga Teachers

8 hours

This training introduces trauma-informed yoga principles and practice in a single-day format. This training prepares yoga teachers to facilitate trauma-informed yoga classes for a variety of populations, in a safe, knowledgeable, and compassionate way. I offer this training as a standalone workshop at yoga studios and as a guest facilitator in 200- and 300-hour yoga teacher trainings.


For Mental Health Providers

12 hours

This training serves mental health providers, social workers, therapists, and others in the field. This training focuses on developing a trauma-informed mental health practice, and cultivates providers' skills in incorporating mind-body exercises and techniques into their work with clients. CEUs may be available depending on your state.


For First Responders and Healthcare Providers

4 to 8 hours

I offer a 4- to 8-hour practical training for first responder and healthcare service agencies. This training focuses on the traumatic stress response, body-based (somatic) tools for stress reduction, and strategies for self-care. This training supports first responders with mind-body tools to manage symptoms of occupational and traumatic stress, and teaches skills for preventing burnout, depression, addiction, and other symptoms common amongst first responders. I have most recently led this training at South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue and Lake Valley Fire Protection District in Northern California.

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